WIZBIZ 2010 was the 10 chapter of the legendary Annual Corporate Quizzing event hosted by the Goa Institute of Management. It was conducted this year on the 27 of February 2010 at theInternational Center, Dona Paula and was a very big success. It also marked the return of GIM alumnus Mr. Ajay Antony to his alma mater, this time in the form of the quizmaster of WIZBIZ 2010. Mr. Ajay Antony set a new Guinness World record in 2007 by conducting the largest quiz in the world- ‘Aqua-Regia- The Science Quiz’. He is also thevice president of T.I.M.E Private Limited and has been actively involved in conducting quizzes for more than 10 years.  

WIZBIZ started out on its journey to being a national quizzing event that it is today way back in 1998 as a small intra collegiate quizzing event by the name WIZARDS OF BUSINESS. With every passing year it grew from strength to strength fuelled by the enormous efforts put in by subsequent batches of students and today it stands as a national event which receivesparticipation from some of the most prestigious organizations of the country including national winners of quizzes like Tata Crucible and Brand Equity. WIZBIZ 2010 was the decade edition of the legacy event and to commemorate the same, theevent was conducted in a three different formats. It began with the first ever online quiz conducted over 3 evenings of the 21 , 22 and 23 of February. The online quiz was calledInQUIZitive Minds and received participation from 320 teams across the country and also internationally. The second lap of the event saw an inter-collegiate quiz being conducted across colleges throughout the state of Goa. And finally the marathon event was concluded with the  traditional business quiz on the evening of 27 of February 2010.The evening began with an elimination round comprising of 25 vexing questions and had 6 teams out of 13 qualifying for the finals viz. Savoir Faire Media, CnF, Veni Vedi Whiskey, TheKnow Brainers, Tata Motors II, The Mercenaries. The finals were a thrilling experience with Mr.Anthony peppering it up with audience questions which had exciting prizes to be won.After a nerve-wracking buzzer round which witnessed a neck-to-neck tussle between CnF andThe Mercenaries, CnF finally emerged as the Wizards of Business 2010 and won the grand prizeworth 102400/-This event was possible only because of the sponsorship support provided by Title Sponsors-NRB Group, Associate Sponsors-Augada Anchorage, Registration Sponsors-Sapphire Hotels,Radio Partners-Big 92.7, Beverage Sponsors-United Spirits Limited, Online Media Partners-Dare2Compete. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks onceagain for helping us give away total prizes worth Rs. 3 lakhs in WIZBIZ 2010.
The evening culminated with rounds of cocktails and a sumptuous dinner over which the student community mingled with the corporate one and several ideas were exchanged. Wizbiz 2010 was an evening to remember and now we all eagerly look forward to February 2011 when the WIZBIZ mania will come alive once again.

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