Sutta Na Mila

Try having an argument on smoking with your friends who smoke. You can never win. They already know all kinds of facts about harmful effects of smoking cigarettes or weed and it is rare that you can surprise them anymore. Just like everyone else, they have a right to choose their channel to pleasure and they chose smoking. What can anyone do about it? They are quite justified in their choice.

Some people smoke out of stress, some need a drag to think and work in office. Smoking is such a psychological pleasure that some people might even say that they don’t feel alone when they smoke! It even helps people build networks when you are in the smoking gazebos, especially when you want to bond with your boss or professor or any greater mortal who smokes. Some believe that smoking gives them a personality, an attitude that might make them more attractive in their social circle. While for some, smoking is pure pleasure that transports you to some unreal universe away from the hullabaloo around, a time to live and unnerve. The positive side of this obsession is an unending list. There is a reason why the tobacco industry is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. In India alone, cigarette production is valued around Rs.22,000 crores and 12% out of this is exported. So the question is ‘Why NO SMOKING?’ What’s your answer to this?

The Event

MECCA, the marketing club of Goa Institute of Management, brings forward a challenge for B-school students where they have to create a Social Marketing Campaign to raise mass awareness on the adverse effects of  SMOKING.

A social Marketing campaign and Ad making competition

The challenge is not as simple as it might sound. Remember that campaigns regarding the same have been going on since decades, but satisfactory results are still awaited. It is indeed very difficult to make an impact on people who smoke because they know every side-effect of that habit. But still some things need to be told time and again until you succeed.

So, after slogging to learn the tricks of profit maximization, it’s time to connect with your socially responsible being and showcase innovative ideas to make the smokers think for a few seconds before their next drag.

  1. Akshat Madan says:

    wow .. how do i register?

  2. Devika Gupta says:

    are the results sutta na mila round 1..out??

  3. Devika Gupta says:

    results of*

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