The academic year 2010-12 is a historic landmark in GIM history when the campus shifted from Ribandar to Sanquelim. In order to make the transition a bit smooth for the PGP-1s MECCA sent out a survival tips to the students even before they set foot on campus. This not only helped the new students but also created an image for brand MECCA in the minds of the students.

The events held by MECCA so far:

  • The Pre-Placement Talk- This event was held to introduce the members of MECCA to the Corporate World. It had Alumni of GIM, with industry experience in different streams of marketing like brand management, Advertising, Market Research, Media-Planning coming home to their alma mater to share their experiences with the current batch of students.
  • Sales-Cybernetics– Cybernetics comes from the Greek word meaning ‘the art of steering’. This was a workshop conducted by Ms. Swati Atitkar to introduce students to the art of selling.
  • Round tableMECCA holds informal discussions once a week on marketing related concepts. Students read on the topic before-hand and discuss their views.
  • Bollywood Bikta Hai: The 1st MECCA event held at the Sanqeulim campus for the PGP1’s; it was a fun way to learn about the concept of product placement that is now being regularly followed in many movies.
  • Online presence: Mecca is on Facebook …. !!!

You can join us at!/mecca.gim.On Facebook Mecca has a lot of fun stuff happening …. Quizzes, discussions and getting to know and network with fellow Meccans. Checking our FB page regularly will keep you informed on that entire MECCA is doing and planning to do

Also you can keep in touch with MECCA latest happenings here:

Linked in:

MECCA blog:

Sales Cybernetics Workshop (Exclusively for PGP2)


“Titled ‘Sales Cybernetics’ the workshop is an interactive session. Cybernetics is a Greek word meaning ‘The Art of Steering’ by taking action towards a pre-set goal. This is a tangible theory derived from years of study of buying behavior. It can be called the art of steering a sales effort to a desired result. There is a definite psychology to selling that determines ‘Why People Buy’ and ‘Why They Do Not’. Coupled with some street smart sales techniques ,it has proved to be a successful tool for frontline managers across all industries.”


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